Revisiting southwestern USA

by Helena Bergqvist


Yesterday, I found a bunch of photos I had forgotten about. They’re from a road trip in the southwest of the USA, spring 2011. I remembered feeling limited by the size and weight of my camera on this trip, so I hardly used it. I took a lot of photos with my new¬†iPhone though.

Anyway, seeing these photos again, eight years later, I saw potential and started to edit them. And while editing I remembered.

Stray dogs in Tuba City. The sand storm that hit close to Monument Valley. Wide-stretched landscape and long straight roads. The purple sky over Grand Junction. Crappy motel coffee. Wild horses by the road. Huge rock formations towering over me. Eating M&M’s in the car. Looking out the window. Blue mountains and heavy clouds. Finding my way with a big paper map, impossible to fold correctly.


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